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Goscher 0.3.[1] Released

Goscher version 0.3.1 is a release to fix a file extension type lookup bug in Goscher 0.3. This bug resulted in files without extensions being served with a type of 9 (Binary) instead of the correct 0 type (text).

Goscher continues to serve files of unknown type as binary files, but serves files without an extension by default as text.

It is always possible to override the type explicitly in an +INDEX file.

Goscher version 0.3 is the first release for the new prerelease of Chez Scheme. Additionally a very bad security hole has been fixed. Anyone using this server is suggested to upgrade immediately.

The package offerings have expanded to precompiled versions for both 64 and 32-bit threaded Linux. Other builds will arrive later, if needed.

Releases at my Gopher Server: gopher.sacrideo.us.