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ANN: ChezWEB 1.3.0

I am pleased to announce the release of ChezWEB 1.3.0.

The major changes here are the introduction of a new form to evaluate code for side effects during weaving, and finally, a solution to the ellipses annoyance in previous versions when defining macros inside of named chunks.

Gopher Repository

The changelog follows:

  • Make the system compatible with Chez Scheme 8.2, 8.1, and 8.0.
  • Miscellaneous Typo fixes.
  • Add an evaluator form to evaluate code during weaving for their
    side-effects. Useful for setting pretty printer settings.
  • Add scripts to help those who might want to use the source version
    of ChezWEB with Petite, without the compiler.
  • Adjust the behavior of named chunks to enable macros with ellipses
    to be defined without needing to be wrapped in a (... ---) form
    so long as no ellipses appear in the capture clause.
  • The guide has been updated to reflect the changes above with some
    examples and more exposition.