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Of Gearshifts that were not

Enter Wife and Me, she is practicing her driving. She has just left the highway and is entering the slower part of town. She slows for a stop light, but it turns green and she starts to go again.

Me: Okay, you're going to need to get out of fourth gear if you want to keep moving.

Engine begins heaving. She grabs the gearshift in a frantic gesture and yanks the gearshift knob off, where is proceeds to fly between the seats.

Wife: Aaaaaah!

Me: It's okay, just keep shifting, get down---

Wife: I can't! Wha?? Aaah! I need to pull over! I'm pulling over! [Me: There's no room here, just keep going.] I can't! Oh .... !

Pulls over with a clunk as the car nearly stalls.

Me: Hahahaha! It's okay. Alright---

Wife: You drive, I can't do this!


Me: (Holding the gearshift knob.) How did you manage to pull this off?!

Wife: ...

Me: Okay, well, we'll just put it on...there. See, it's fine. Now we just need to pull forward so that we can change---

Wife: No! I'll just crawl.

Wife (pregnant) climbs to the back seat like a cat up a tree.

Me: Okay...

Wife: (I am getting settled to drive out.) Um...wow, I didn't know there was a guardrail there; I almost hit it. I thought there were only bushes.

Me: Yeah.

Le Fin