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Text Editor Psychology

So, I thought I would just share this little tidbit that I found a few days ago. There is a pleasant little post about text editors that asks, What does your favorite text editor say about you? Since I'm always in the mood for a little fun, I scanned through them, naturally looking for the one that would really set me apart from the pack. :-) As some of you will likely know, one of my favorite text editors to play with, and one that I actually use interactively in my text editor rotation is the ed(1) editor. Imagine my surprise when I found it among the possible psychological focal points! What makes it even more interesting is that I would actually tend to feel quite sympathetic to its diagnosis, minus the big bushy beard, of course. Here's what it has to say about the kind of person you likely are if you us the ed(1) editor.

Ed is the standard text editor. Enough said. You are in fact, too fucking awesome for this article. You have yet to meet a person who would be worth your respect. Every person you ever worked with was a fucking clueless n00b. You are a BOFH and proud of it. On the systems you administrate you symlink vi, emacs and nano to ed just to watch the lusers squirm in their seats and hit Ctrl+C repeatedly. You are likely to have a big bushy beard, and are probably wearing a T-shirt with a cryptic joke that only people with unix background will understand.

Enough said.