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Descot Nears Release

As the looming deadline of the 2009 Scheme Workshop approaches, I am frantically trying to make Descot ready for presentation. Right now, I have successfully ported and updated my latest libraries to work with the new Chez prerelease, which makes most of the libraries relatively portable R6RS libraries. I am currently in the processes of converting all of the Descot code to the new style, and making it work reliably and in distributable form. For the moment, only the SRDF library is ported, and most of the web application proper. Since I rewrote my mod_lisp library because of licensing issues, it has taken me a little longer than i wanted to get this done.

i have about 1200 lines of code still to go through, but the rest should go fairly quickly once I get into the groove. I expect to have this all done tomorrow, and then move forward to bug fixes the day following, and have everything deployed the day after. We'll see how that goes.