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ChezWEB tangling ChezWEB

For those of you who don't know, I have been working on the next major version of ChezWEB (2.0), which is a complete rewrite of the old system, preserving the good things about the old system, while dropping and removing things that made life difficult or inconvenient. Some features have been added, and some have been removed.

The big news today is that ChezWEB is now tangling itself. With a bootstrap file, I can get the tangled file, and then that tangled source is now capable of tangling its own source. Things are looking up in the ChezWEB world!

If you are interested, here is a roadmap of version 2:

  • CWEB style syntax (no more double backslashes)
  • Scribble Syntax support
  • Cleaner hygiene that handles threading automatically
  • No need to explicitly thread identifiers at the chunk reference site
  • Better support for cross-referencing and indexing
  • Improved support for hierarchical document layouts.
  • Non-hygienic chunks a la CWEB
  • A proper Scheme pretty printer
  • Chunks can be extended and concatenated
  • A single WEB can generate multiple output files (CWEB style)