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Arctic Repository 1.2

I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Arctic Repository version 1.2. This version brings a few nice things to the table, the nicest of which is Windows support for the sockets library. You can get the latest release from the Gopher Server:


Here is the changelog.

Changes from Version 1.1 to Version 1.2:


* Introduction of Windows support for Sockets
* Taylor Campbell's new implementation of Skip Lists

Added Files:

* arcfide/sockets/compat.chezscheme.nw

  This is the library that needs to be ported if you want to port sockets 
  to another Scheme.

* arcfide/sockets/socket-ffi-values.c

  The foreign values needed at compile time. Not used during runtime.

* arcfide/sockets/socket-ffi-values.lnk 

  An OpenWatcom Link file.

* riastradh/scheme-cml/primitive-internal.sls                         

  New Scheme-cml stuff.

* riastradh/skip-list.scm

Deleted Files:

* riastradh/trc-testing/LICENCE

* arcfide/ffi-bind/types.chezscheme.nw

  ffi-bind has been simplified so the foreign types are gone.

Changes to Existing Files:

* arcfide/Makefile

* arcfide/errno.nw

* arcfide/ffi-bind.nw

  Simplify ffi-bind so that writing the bindings is easier and more 
  flexible to use on different platforms. This does require the use of a 
  C stub file now, but writing this is actualy easier than the old way.

* arcfide/noweb_make.mk

* arcfide/sockets.nw

  Add Windows support.

* riastradh/foof-loop/foof-loop.txt

  Some improvements to documentation and changes in semantics.

* riastradh/scheme-cml/channel.scm

  Minor fixes.</pre>