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My New Favorite Feature in Github for Windows

Using git on the command line is a pretty slick experience. Besides being obscenely powerful, there are a lot of built in niceties. However, there is one feature in the desktop version of Github that absolutely makes my day. I'm not particularly disciplined in the way I write code. That means that I often have multiple things or ideas going on at the same time. You can imagine what this does to my poor diffs. And then comes the desktop Github to the rescue. Basically, Github for Windows allows me to cherry pick the particular patches or chunks inside of a diff that I want to apply for any given commit using a mouse and pointy clicky. Anything that I don't want to commit, just sits there waiting until I'm finished with those ideas. I know that there are features like stash in the traditional workflow of git, but I never really warmed up to those features and I find them difficult to use. So for now, I can continue being blissfully unaware and nonlinear when I'm programming and feel confident that it won't mess up my git history too much.