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Why Indiana Courts are Wrong

Recently, in Barnes v. Indiana, there was the majority ruling that a citizen has no right to resist the unlawful actions of a law enforcement officer. Rubbish. Every citizen must have the right to defend themselves from any unlawful action. Moreover, we must be doubly suspicious and rigorous on Law Enforcement, whom we grant a great deal of authority and power. With this power requires restraint, and a fundamental tenant of our governmental system (though not, inherently, democratic societies) is the right of self defense.

The judges in Indiana's Supreme Court have essentially ruled that you have no right to defend yourself against the rape, murder, pillaging, or assault of a Law Enforcement officer, stating instead that you can take it to court. WHAT? This is saying that you can go to the government when the government decides to terrorize you. Does that make sense to you?

Moreover, Chair of Law at Indiana University claims that this is a good thing, because it would be too easy to justify the harming of law enforcement on the basis of "I thought they were doing something wrong." Well, I'm sorry, it's not the law's job to protect Law Enforcement. The Law should protect citizens.

More than that, criminals are increasingly posing as law enforcement. Suddenly the line between real and false law enforcement officers becomes rather troubling. The solution is not to restrict the rights of citizens to make it harder to impersonate law enforcement, the solution is to stop trying to make law enforcement a replacement for self defense.

What the courts decision amounts to is saying that we must sit back and let people murder, rape, and pillage our families and homes with the "promise" that things will work out when we take them to court. I'm sorry, but the courts are woefully inadequate for such a task. Our modern system is too lenient and too favoring of law enforcement to suggest that such a system would even work; there have been adequate instances of this not working. This is one of the chief reasons the Fourth Amendment exists. Even if courts were perfect, after you or your family is dead or raped, no amount of court "justice" is going to reverse the tragedy.