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Interesting Article on the Administrative State

I found this an interesting article:


One major point here is the difficulty in addressing the dangers of governmental power-grabs that don't "feel" dangerous or relevant to the average citizen. While it's easy to move some issues into the spotlight, we often fail to spend the time to think about the fundamental, foundational mechanisms by which our governmental system is meant to function, and about how policy, regulations, and choices that we make as voters affect us through the erosion or support of the governmental balances.

Indeed, most people fail to even understand the nature of the checks, balances, and distribution of power that was built into our system(s) of government, concerning themselves instead with making their own lives better in the short term by giving whomever they believe will most likely give them what they want with the least amount of effort on their part the most power they can.

This short-term, unsustainable practice of creating the most tyranny within the government in favor of one's on position that one can is among the most dangerous, nefarious, and insidious practices of the voting people, and is one of the reasons we should all take democracy and civic duty as one of the most potentially dangerous activities in the modern world, because, ultimately, they are the power that can sweep down and destroy, and has destroyed, millions upon millions of lives in the 20th century alone, more than most other sources of human suffering combined.