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Dyalog is hiring!

Are you a fast learner who likes to solve real problems with a passion for programming? How about a unique, one of a kind opportunity to work in diverse fields in cutting edge research and development?

Please feel free to forward and link this job posting wherever you feel it would be appropriate. Contact me with referrals, applications, and questions. This is the company that is funding my Ph.D. research, and I've quite enjoyed working closely with them.

Job Description

Are you a fast learner who likes to solve real problems with a passion for programming? Are you more interested in working with a lean team of experts to solve new and challenging problems than you are with climbing the corporate ladder? How about a unique, one of a kind opportunity to work in diverse fields in cutting edge research and development? Do you want to be consistently challenged, to learn new, lasting skills, and to be an integral member delivering real value, rather than hopping from one superficial tech fashion to another?

At Dyalog, Ltd. we're an international company that's more like a council of wizards, not your average bureaucratic enterprise, and we're looking for the next set of up and coming would-be wizards who love a challenge and are excited about tearing down the boundaries between user and developer, between solution and code.

You'll be working as a consultant for a major U.S. Energy Corp. to solve some of the toughest challenges in the business with a team of highly skilled, exceptional individuals. You'll also be working inside of Dyalog to dream, research, and develop the next generation of solution-focused tools of thought that enable our clients to program and solve problems at the speed of thought.

This is a chance to be exposed to extremes. You'll be able to work with mission critical legacy applications as well as totally new and cutting edge research designs. You'll have a chance to work within a division of a large enterprise corporation as well as work with a super-flat and lean, user-focused company.

This is an opportunity to get trained and gain new skills and experience under experts who are among the best at what they do. We're interested in people who don't just want to be code monkies, but who really love the idea of working together with the users of their designs and code to implement real solutions. If you want to learn how to punch way above your weight class, and you're excited about the idea of entering into a unique world where code meets art meets solution, then we might just be the place for you, and we'd love to hear from you.


  • Supporting and improving critical systems for a major U.S. energy company
  • Technical and infrastructure development for domain experts including tooling and application design
  • Development of new and existing products internal to Dyalog, particularly in support of the core developer teams in Dyalog and Dyalog funded research projects

Required Qualifications

  • Strong math, computing, scientific or engineering aptitude
  • Strong interpersonal skills in dealing with users and experts from varied backgrounds in both team and support roles
  • Strong aptitude for learning
  • Strong aptitude for programming and logic
  • Courage, fearlessness, and fortitude

Desirable Qualifications

The following qualifications are desirable, but are not required. Many of these skills can and will be trained on the job.

  • Applied Mathematics background
  • Understanding of statistics and its application
  • Chemical, computer, physics science or engineering background
  • Experience with Dyalog APL
  • MATLAB exposure
  • Comfort with custom software stacks
  • Willingness to engage with and improve legacy software
  • Database and Query language skills
  • Experience designing and programming GUIs


This position requires relocation to Clinton, New Jersey. This job will involve occasional travel domesticly and internationally (primarily within the UK and the US).

Company Details

Dyalog, Ltd. is the leader in cutting edge APL-centric “tools of thought” that enable subject matter experts and computing specialists to collaborate and rapidly iterate on solutions in complex problem spaces in nearly any domain. Dyalog is deeply user-focused and emphasizes fair pricing, responsible growth and business practices, and transparency. While over 30 years old and supporting customers worldwide, Dyalog maintains a small business intimacy and a passion for the joy and discovery of computing.