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Talk about a Busy Time!

Wow, life has been very busy of late. :) I think that has been good, because I have managed to stay away from the computer for extended periods of time. The result, of course, has been that I have enjoyed a remarkable level of freedom and have managed to actually have some real fun outside of the computer. My time with my cousins has been really really fun, though there is a great deal of "non-fun" involved as well.

Overall, I think this trip has been very good for me, and it is not over yet, either. I think my college plans are coming along quite nicely, and if I have anything to say about it, I think the future is looking bright in that regard.

This blog post is really meant more to test out the new system than anything. As you may realize, it's kind of a different bent than the one's I have been chasing. Whether it will work out or not, I don't know. Why do I not use LJ, when most of my friends are on it, though? That can be answered easily: all my friends are on it. You know me, I have to be different, so I want to use something else. Of course, traditionally this has meant that I just code everything myself, but this has resulted in way way way too much work for me, so I have been looking for a good solution to cut this back, with the photo album, the blog, and the trackback features, I think that everything is pretty well solved with this solution. Of course, my main website will still remain up for non-photo and non-blog content, but much of my content will be up on these servers just to ease my workload.

I will hopefully be able to write more about the trip later one, but for right now it is almost time for me to go to bed, and I really ought to be doing other stuff with my time. Not to mention, being away from the computer for so long has caused me to really lose my mind computer-wise, and I can't say that I really have all that much of a desire to post anything just yet. This is my attempt at putting something out there for right now. Hopefully I can work on something. All this is a work in progress, and my head is all over the place anyways right now. More on that later. For right now, I'll just say it's good to be back, in some ways, and at the same time, I almost wish that I did not have to be back here. Oh well, I'll leave the interpretation to these open messages to others, and I'll be sure to try to fill you all in later.