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Arctic Fragged in Pathetic Showing

Yeah, that's right. While I was a top contender for the best spots right next to a few of my other teammates, the problem was that we were playing the wrong game. If this game was something like Battlefield 2 or F.E.A.R. I think I would have done really well, and possibly been the best there. Instead, we played Unreal Tournament 2004, which I have not played much before. The guy who did play that, was my boss, and he absolutely toasted us to shreds. I mean, think of the fight between all the Mr. Smiths in the Matrix and Neo. That's what it looked like. We had a 4 against one deathmatch going and we still could not win. It was pathetic. Of course, we did try to get F.E.A.R. installed on all the systems, but as it turns out, I wasn't fast enough to get them all installed, and everyone became bored. :( That means we never did get to play much of that game. It's a great game.

And that is pretty much all I did today. I played games so much today that I was not able to even reply to any significant portion of comments! Of course, I am hoping to get to that tomorrow as soon as I can. I suppose it is already tomorrow, and I need to find a way to backdate this post or something, but oh well.

And I thought I ought to show you all one last cool thing that I learned: Opera Show. Essentially, it allows you to run the free Opera browser as a presentation tool, using nothing but HTML and CSS. How does it work? When you go into fullscreen mode in Opera, it reads the "projection" media type from the stylesheet, meaning that you can change the style sheet of an html page to fit into slide like frames. It has to be the most elegant way I have found yet of producing really good, portable, elegant slides. It is definitely how I am going to be doing slideshows from now on. It so beats OpenOffice.org or Microsoft Office.