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LAN Parties, 3-D graphics

Yep, tomorrow I plan to run a little LAN party and have a blast doing it! :) I am looking forward to fragging any number of folks through and through as they attempt to deal with my mad skilz. :p [Editor: This means he'll be the first one in and the first one plastered dead with blood on the side of the wall.]

*slaps editor* Thanks a lot buddy.

Other than that, I have been working on my story, as some of you know, and I have really wanted to have a unique presentation for this story, as I want something different for it. I have tinkered with the ideas of a visual abstract representation of the poetry with music to tell the story, but I am not sure. However, after listening to Rebecca St. James' "God Help Me," I have decided on trying to make a 3-d short movie to go along with the music. I really hope I can bring this one out into full fruition. I would certainly love it if I could.

If any of you wish to participate, and know a thing or two about texturing, painting, animation, modelling, or anything else that might assist in the production of a 3d short movie, and feel like contributing, do do contact me, as I would be very interested in getting other people in on this, seeing as how I want to see this one through to the end.