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Almost Thanksgiving

Well, that time is just around the corner, and everyone around here is getting prepared for it. I am not sure how this one is going to go over, but as predicted, it certainly is a unique little holiday this time around.

I would ask for prayer regarding the large majority of my generation of extended family, as well as their parents. I'll leave it at that.

I hope everyone is having a great time and enjoying the time off, if they have it. I have personally seen here, where, as often happens in a country filled with riches, that it is very easy to forget our past, and forget the reasons we have to be thankful, and to be genuinely grateful for the blessings of liberty and prosperity from God to an unworthy people.

I hope you are all doing quite well!

You know, I can't explain it, but recently I have really been brought to thinking more and more actively about God. I am thankful for this, and I only hope that I can continue this route for long, and make something of it. I find that often times now, as things begin to bring themselves forward, my first reaction is to call out to God, and let him talk to me. I receive a real grace and peace from it, and I am thankful for that, more than I can say.

Now, in another grain, I have one more announcement to make. I realize that many of you probably don't even care about this, but with Carrie Underwood releasing her first album, I can't help but take this time out to say how much I really hope this girl turns out better than so many others. I don't have high hopes for that, but I really must admit that I am somewhat taken with her, in more of a concerned way than anything else. Part of what makes me like her as much as I do, is that, even though I realize that I don't see the other side of her which I am sure is nothing to my liking, she has this much more...wholesome appeal to her than many other of her age. I just hope she can manage to hold on to that, and that she desires to hold onto it. Again, I don't have high hopes, I just wish sometimes, that someone would manage to keep it up, and really stand out in that world. Sure, there are a large number of country singers who seem to be doing this, but I find that the younger ones just don't seem to be taking up the torch of their elders like they should.