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I've been busy...traveling

Talk about absolutely amazing. I loved my little trip to visit the Swetnam family. I think it had a very different feel to it than the other two “physical” meetings that we have had. In the last two meetings—if that is what you can call them—were really more along the lines of joining up and going to an event. This time, I actually made it to their house. You know…after five years I have finally seen their house! Now that was fun. Keep in mind that it was actually much more fun than anything that I am going to say here, because I am writing this half asleep, or mostly asleep, in the rear of a cramped airline heading home: my creativity and memory is not all that great at this point.

The big difference, I think, was that we were at their home, entertaining ourselves with thoughts, ideas, and activities which were of our own methods and our own inspiration, rather than following the scheduling and general out of town limitations of events and such. This means that I really felt quite a bit more free. I have known them for so long, and yet I had never met Mrs. Swetnam. That was really cool, because she was not at all what I had expected. (Sorry, for anyone who wants to know, I am not giving more details than that.) Actually getting to sit down and talk more with Mr. Swetnam was also a whole lot of fun. Meeting all the rest of the family was something really great.

Honestly, I think it's hard for me to even realize that it actually happened. Why? Because it just did not seem like it would happen, and then it was so fast and so loose and free that I really don't know that I have fully grasped everything that I observed. I don't know how the rest of them took it, but I know for one thing that I had a great great great time.

You know something else that I realized, the day that I was leaving to head over to the Swetnam's? I could not believe that I actually had all the backups to do serious work with my freshly re-installed laptop. How pathetic is that? I had spent all week thinking that I did not have any of the information, and then it just comes out and I do have it. :-/

Now, of course, that's not the most interesting thing that I have to say about the trip though. I have actually convinced all of the elder Swetnam children to learn 2 languages in 1 year. I have the whole contract set out and everything and I am just waiting to get on an Internet connection so that I can research the curriculum that I am going to be using, and what it is going to cost. This time I actually have a working contract in place and the provision for parental authority to step in, just to make sure that we actually achieve our goals here. I am really looking forward to it, because it was just a challenge that I felt really needed to be met. If anyone wants to look at the contract, I think I'll be posting it sometime soon, either on my website or in my blog.

I suppose I ought to get back to working on something else now, such as restoring the rest of my backups and what not. I think I have a neat little program that I am going to enjoy using, but I have to make it work first. I think I am also going to be adding a bit to the BOBBY program soon, as some things have come up which would fit in there perfectly.

What am I saying? I think you all will still want to hear more about what went on at the Swetnam's house. The problem of course, is that I can't exactly tell you what went on, because I don't know how to explain it. You could say that I really just had a lot of fun, but that would be missing something a little deeper. I really really had such a satisfying time there. It was great. We danced the last night I was there, and we got to learn all sorts of cool moves and work things out. We even made up a really cool move, which I don't know the name of yet, maybe the…Pull-out to a Tornado Spin! Hehe, well, we'll see. Actually, that was really fun because I saw a side to Sarah that I had not seen before, where Sarah just outright screamed/screeched when I first tried that move with her. Hehe…it was great. ;-)

All in all, I feel like my mind is incapable of grasping anything right now, so I am just enjoying everything right now, and I'll sort out all this stuff happening in my life right now later.

You know what I did not get though? Picures! :( Well, at least not pictures of that day. I received plenty of wonderful Moscow Photos though.

P.S.: I have quite a few comment replies in the works, but I don't have a great Internet connection here, so I am going to be doing them in big spurts, which means that I write them all out first on my computer before I upload them. So some of you may be finding a great deal of comments in your inbox over a very short period of time. It is not because I can really write that fast, it is just that I have delayed posting them.

P.P.S.: I know that there are a great deal of things about which I have or have not hinted at posting, and they are still on my mind, but it just takes time to get these things all in order. I hope to have them out soon for you all.