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Going to Church

Well, tomorrow I am going to be heading to a church again, I hope that this time I'll be able to find the place easily and that I will actually be on time. That is what always worries me about these places. I never feel right the first few times I go. That is usually because I am late and feel badly dressed.

At any rate, I hope to be able to make it tomorrow. I'll tell you all how it goes if I make it.

In other news, I was just working some more on another utility in the same vein as I have been with some of my other little programming projects. This one is a simple conversion utility that will take the mmail format used in the Emacs powered Gnus program and convert it to standard MBOX files. Yeah, sure, if I installed Emacs and Gnus I could probably just use that and then i would be able to convert all my mailboxes to other files, but what fun would that be? Besides, that would require the installation and subsequent deletion of many programs and files, and would generally cause an unclean feeling in my computer. This is a good solution for everyone.

Unfortunately, I am still on the road, and I do not have all the software on my computer that I did at one point, so while I have a good deal of things set up in my mind and on my todo list that pertain to my websites and such, with my software in another part of the country, I have been loathe to attempt to change and code things without my nice programs of which I am so fond; it would take a matter of minutes with that software, and a matter of hours without it. I feel that it's a good choice of productivity to wait the extra day or so.

I'll be back at work soon, which will be interesting. I hope to be able to get a grip on everything that has been happening over the past week or so by then. I have felt like I was in a whirlwind (I believe I have said that before) and I really don't know where or what I am doing. :) Right now I feel as though I am really confused about nothing. It's not a naturally good feeling, but I have to step out and thank the Lord for it, as it is helping me come to terms with personality defects that I really ought to fix or remedy. But this also means that there is so much data in my head and since none of it is organized, I am losing great material that I should be posting online, and it is being lost (perhap forever?) in my head. sigh I guess things just don't change all that much. ;)

At least what I can remember is watching the movie Proof tonight. It was not the best movie in the world, but it was definitely my kind of movie. It had all the things I would consider necessary in a movie like that. I did enjoy it, and I came away thinking. My brother Jonathan thought it was an utterly pointless movie with little to no plot. Oh, he just does not understand the blight of a brilliant academic!