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Quick follow-up observation on Corsair Keyboard

Quick follow-up observation on Corsair Keyboard
Photo by Andrew M / Unsplash

Some of you will recall that I recently had a new fastest keyboard in my life. Well, after some more time with it, I find that it is still extremely fast, but I have noticed an interesting facet of the design when working with it.

I find that this keyboard is more sensitive to warm up than other keyboards. With things like the MS Surface Book that I have, I can basically begin to type on that keyboard fairly quickly right out of the gate without any warm up even if my fingers are a little on the colder side. The same is true for some of my other keyboards.

However, as an aspect of the linear keys, I find that there is a distinct period at the beginning of my typing sessions where I don't feel "on my game" with the Corsair. This goes away after a little bit and then I feel that I have an extremely accurate, fast, and smooth experience with the Corsair, but I thought this was worth noting.