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Update: Please see the latest happenings on Chezweb here: http://www.sacrideo.us/v5/proj/chezweb/

I haven't talked about this yet, it appears, so I thought it would be worth mentioning here. I've released ChezWEB, which is a literate programming system for Scheme. I've been using it to write my latest project, which is an extension on Descot. It's great. Someone told me that a good metric for a tool is if you enjoy using it. Well, I really do enjoy using it. It's great as an expository tool, and it works great when I'm doing collaborative development, because when I write something I can write it such that others can actually understand what I have written. Moreover, it's not just a little meta language that is wrapped around Scheme, it is a meta-language written *in* Scheme, so it has full awareness of hygiene and every chunk preserves its lexical scope and its hygiene, but allows you to explicitly break that hygiene and lexical scope if you want by capturing variables in other scopes. This is Knuthian WEB and Literate Programming brought forward into a programming language that someone actually would want to use, as opposed to, say, Pascal. :-) Check it out. As a little sample, I'm adding a little work in progress version of the packager program I'm writing. :-)