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ChezWEB & Sharks

It is now possible to easily use the latest version of ChezWEB on the Silo machine or any other machine with Chez Scheme 8.4 installed on the Sharks or Burrow networks, since I have installed a public version of the latest version of ChezWEB. Here is a set of commands that will do it for you:

$ cd ~/bin
$ ln -s /nobackup/awhsu/ChezWEB/cheztangle
$ ln -s /nobackup/awhsu/ChezWEB/chezweave
$ mkdir -p ~/texmf/tex/generic
$ cd ~/texmf/tex/generic
$ ln -s /nobackup/awhsu/ChezWEB/chezwebmac.tex
$ texhash

I hope those of you who use ChezWEB like it! For those of you who don't, well, too bad, and I'm sorry.

Update: it would help if the commands were actually valid.