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APL Hacking: Project Euler Daily (#12)

This was the first problem that I had to deal with that didn't work right or quickly if I used the standard operators the way that I was used to using them. Instead, I had to create some helper functions that made sense. In this case, they were really small, but I decided that now was as good a time as any to play with the Object Oriented features of APLX. In the end, it was actually pretty easy to use compared to what it might have been, and for that, I am grateful that APLX favors simple solutions.

I also took this opportunity to come up with a decent way to give feedback that indicates a not found error.

This is the class that I wrote for the system;

Twelve; D;R;Match {

∇X←Match N

∇Twelve A
(D R)←A

X←(⊃(Y,(⊂'Not found'))[(Match¨Y)⍳1])⊣Y←+⍳R


And this is my function that uses it for Problem #12:


⍝ What is the value of the first triangle number
⍝ to have over five hundred divisors?

T←⎕NEW 'Twelve' 500 13000