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APL Hacking: Project Euler Daily (#10)

This was a bit of a fun one, since I had trouble trying to get the result into a 32-bit integer. I had to do a bit of math to get that to work. This one I did a while back, actually, so I am not sure that it contains all of the wisdom that I have learned from the previous feedback!

Problem #10:


⍝ Find the Sum of all the primes below two million.

N←2000000 ⋄ I←2 ⋄ X←N⍴1 ⋄ D←10000
LOOP:X[I×1↓⍳⌊N÷I]←0 ⋄ I←I+(I↓X)⍳1 ⋄ →((I*2)≤N)/LOOP

I←(⍴X[1])-4 ⋄ R←(X[1]+⌊X[2]÷D)(D|X[2])