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Peer review time

Alright, before I descend into the meat of this post, I think it is due time that I gift to you all a wonderful hint about fast typing. One of the keys to fast typing is to get a keyboard with which you are comfortable, which is responsive, and then to not switch! You see, it is a terrible stress on anyone trying to type if the feel, shape, and style of the keyboards changes on him, thus preventing his hands from truly getting into the feel of things. It also helps if you always type with the keyboard in the same fashion. I have had a lot of problems with that of late, as I watch my typing speed reduced to very slow speeds indeed as I try to type with different keyboards, some of which are radically and drastically different. Just thought I would give you all that little tip. My personal favorite for a typing keyboard is the Happy Hacker Keyboard Professional. It has a lighter touch than their other keyboard lines, and is a bit more robust in the key mechanism, meaning a more consistent feel throughout the keyboard for a longer duration of time. It also has a wonderfully small footprint making its use ideal for typing with speed, since your fingers are not reaching for some of the more obscure keys, such as the ESCKEY or the ~ key. If any of you are looking to buy a new keyboard, this is definitely a good one to check out, and you may even find you love it so much, you buy two! :p

Now, onto the actual post. See, one of my old fun times that I had with other people was sitting down and having them critique everything they disliked about me, or that they thought I did wrong, or any other form of negative feedback, so long as it was honest and truthful. Granted, this ended up usually going both ways, and most other people didn't realize that when I said, "Honest Feedback," I actually mean, brutually honest feedback. So inevitably, more than a few feelings were hurt by my sometimes too harsh comments. That led me to generally back off on doing any more of that sort of critiquing.

However, I still feel a need for such comments to be directed towards myself on occassion. You see, while I enjoy all the positive feedback that people give me, and while I would have it no other way in general, at times I think people out to stop with all the niceties, and be given permission to really rile on a person, if they are indeed prepared and desirous of such activity. So that's what I am doing here. I'm ready for it, so just go ahead and take all those nice words gloves right off your hands, and let me have the cold hard fists of truth and brutal honest about what's bad about me. And don't worry, it can be anything, so long as it has to do with something changeable. That is, try not to attack my physical attractiveness, 'cause I ain't gonna have plastic surgery. ;) Now, of course, if you do something like that, I won't hold it against you. This is one of those few times where the recipient is explicitely disclaiming all right to get mad at you for saying things that are mean!!! :D Take advantage of it.

One other thing, try to avoid swearing. I know some person whom I don't know is going to come on here and try to make some smart alec comment about something, and inevitably some form of swearing or cursing comes into that. Just don't.

So there you have it, attack my character, my education, my sentence structure, my personality, go have a hayday on whatever you dislike about me, whatsoever, I promise I will not hold it against you. Feel free to email me, comment here, or comment on the linked LJ entry that I am putting in there.