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My Christmas Wish List

I am posting this mostly for the sake of those people who have expressed a desire to know what I want for Christmas. However, do not consider this list as a hint or anything that I want you to get anything for me for Christmas. I in no way wish to imply that I want you to get me something. I am perfectly content with no gifts. I am really doing this more for my family (extended and immediate) so they have something of a guage and meter. For those of you who may consider posting such a list to be in very bad taste, understand that I really do not like to do this, but too many people were asking me stuff, and I didn't have good answers for them, hence this.

  • Mont Blanc Fountain Pen: Classique or StarWalker, in whatever style you think fits me best. ;) (Be careful about most online shops and counterfeits, as they are not supported by Montblanc, and very troublesome. This means the hassle in finding this gift and buying it may not be worth your trouble. :) No hard feelings, I assure you. Montblanc website
  • SmartWool Light Hiking Socks: Here is a sample
  • A custom Wax Seal Stamp with my chinese name on it. I prefer the 耀 character, but 徐 would be acceptable as well.
  • High quality, 100% cotton stationary in a classic, formal style. Crane makes decent paper like this, though there are better brands.
  • High quality gold, or goldish red sealing wax.
  • High powered bolt action rifle, such as the equivalent of the M40A3 rifle (a Remington 700 type rifle for sniping)
  • Good Green/Black/White Chinese style loose leaf tea
  • FireFly + Serenity DVDs
  • Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended DVDs
  • Chinese style (Tai Chi) Swords of high quality (Meaning real)
  • (Not necessarily on the list, but it could be, if I keep my computer) Nice powerful 512MB Graphics Card for either PCI-X or AGP, PCI-X preferred.
  • Any other nice thing you can think about. ;)