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Opera 10.5 Pre-alpha juiciness

With the recent releases of some 10.5 pre-alpha builds, I can't help but mention one of the coolest new features that may have gone overlooked by some: the UI. This isn't a complete UI change for some, but the devil is in the details. For starters, Opera's better and improved support for Aero on Windows. That's good, but of course, none of you run Windows, right? ;) Rather, the really cool thing is the whole new approach they have taken to GUIs on X Windows based systems. Previously, Opera relied on the QT GUI toolkit. Now, however, there is no innate dependency on QT. Instead, Opera will utilize the native toolkit that is available. If you have GTK and what to use it, then so be it. If you have QT, it will still let you use that, too. My personal favorite, though, is plain X11. I usually run with very low overhead programs like Motif applications and other such classic UNIX tools. I have a slightly retro style, and Opera now works with me in my way. I don't have to use GTK or QT, I can just use raw X11! How cool is that? Really, it is cool. I prefer straight X or Motif applications, and they've delivered, again.