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Kinetic Ammo

I've been hesitant about Polymer ammunition for a while, but I found these guys recently and...well, let's just say I've drunk the tentative kool aid.


For those who are not interested in reading through everything on the site or watching the videos, here's a run down of why I like them:

  1. Really good support, even though their ammo isn't even available yet. They have been highly responsive to my inquiries and been very good about addressing my questions.

  2. Lightweight, high-velocity rounds designed with high penetration potential in mind.

  3. Exceptionally affordable with new, compelling "purchasing" packages that makes the American consumer seem like something of a priority.

  4. RELOADABLE WITHOUT LOTS OF TOOLING. Yes, I feel like shouting this from the tops of buildings. While they clearly have a compelling set of "new ideas" for cartridge and bullet design, the real attraction for me, and where they are differentiating themselves at the moment is how easy it is to reload their rounds. They have a video where they demonstrate just how easy it is:


Now, all of this has enough potential for me that I am definitley going to be getting some early on to try out. If it's all that it's cracked up to be, I am going to be one happy camper. If not, well, it was fun. :-)

I hope that I won't be disappointed.