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FrogLube Px4 Part 3: Initial Range Time/First Cleaning

I took the newly lubricated Px4 to the range today and the experience was good. The gun fired flawlessly and operated without incident, modulo a failure to lock back that was due to my experimentation with grip.

The gun was accurate with all of the ammunition I tried, including Independence 115gr FMJ, Winchester 9mm NATO, and Liberty Civil Defense 9mm. Total round count was relatively small, as this was just an initial range day; I probably shot a total of less than 200 rounds through the gun.

Cleaning went well, and fairly quickly, though I am not sure that it went more quickly than it would have if I would have used normal solvents and oils. I again lubricated according to the Px4 Manual, wiping off the excess. This leaves the gun looking dry, but feeling very smooth and slick during its functioning. It should be noted that while the gun appears to be drier than with the Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil with T3 that I initially had on the gun, the action is at least as smooth, if not smoother. It's too early to tell whether the wear on the barrel, slide rails, and other areas is normal and standard for this gun, or whether they are abnormal. So far wear appears to be normal and in all of the usual places where you would expect wear to occur.