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FrogLube Px4 Part 2: Initial Application

The following video documents, without editing or cuts, the entire process that I used to lubricate the Px4 using FrogLube. It's long and arduous without much commentary. If you want to get a step-by-step introduction to the use of FrogLube in video format, seek other instructional videos. This video is meant only to document how I've been using FrogLube.

The important thing here is that I did not use the standard method that everyone shows online of slathering on the lubricant all over the pistol. Instead, I applied the lubrication sparingly and very intentionally only to locations that I wanted it to go. While I did cover most of the slide and the frame exterior, the video demonstrates that I was meticulous about handling the areas of the trigger/hammer assemblies and the firing pin enclosure.