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Co-dfns 2017.04.1

Release Page

This is a pretty small but significant release. We've cleaned up a few things, added the last missing primitives, improved output a bit, and begun the work towards recursion and branching.


  • Currently Windows is the only tested environment
  • Currently only NVIDIA backend is fully functional
  • Some functions unnecessarily promote their data to 64-bit Doubles to preserve correctness
  • Certain code combinations with certain functions may lead to incorrect results in cases where array result slots are shared with array input slots.

What's New

  • Expand and Expand First are now implemented
  • Find has now been implemented
  • Improve output and reliability of Xml
  • We have a new logo!
  • Conditional guards with a single, atomic test expression (variable references are okay) are supported now

Support Co-dfns Research and Development through Open Work

If you would like to support Co-dfns and its future, please consider a small supporting subscription through Gratipay. It greatly helps keep Co-dfns open and research friendly, as well as making it possible to keep the development process open. If enough funds come in through this avenue, it will enable additional resources to make the Co-dfns development cycle that much more effective.