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What music says about a person

As I go through my music library rating all my songs, I can't help but laugh as I give my highest rating to some songs. Some of the songs are predictably ones that I would like, but others are ones I am sure some people would be very surprised to find I like so well. This has brought me to think about how the music I like shows what kind of person I am.

I think that if we all sat down and looked at a large enough set of music, and consistently went through and chose the pieces we liked the most (our 5 star pieces), we might all learn some interesting things about each other. I am actually going to be posting up some statistics based on my 5 star list as soon as my ratings project is complete.

What is your take? Through the music to which a person listens, how much do you think you can learn about someone? Do you think that such music may bring out points in a person that are otherwise obscure?