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Reviewing the new Slackware64 13.1

So, after a brief sojourn in the land of Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11, I'm back with Slackware64, and I installed the new 13.1 version. I am very happy to report that this release really improves on some things that needed work in the last version, and the overal experience is greatly improved.

Firstly, the good standbys, the old stuff still is there, it's still Slackware, and it's still the system that us folks love to use. It's rock solid, stable, and just plain works.

However, the biggest change for me is the new desktop KDE 4.4.3, which is a greatly improved version of KDE that performs very snappily, and has great features. It works well with my Motif applications, which is also a major plus.

All in all, I have found that things are just hunky dorry here, and it took very little time to get all of my custom software installed on the system. SlackBuilds are a great way to make things work, and after some initial hiccups with the new Bash which is more strict about exit codes, things are running more smoothly than ever.

Overall, I'm a very happy camper.