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News about my system....

I have come to a realization suddenly. My tastes in computing have been changing. Slowly, but they have been changing. The first thing that I noticed was on my latest installation of slackware. I noted that I installed almost none of the additional packages that Slackware would offer. Instead, I chose to use my own set of source based pieces that I put together and used.

Nowadays, my system is a Debian Sarge (stable) and it is a GNUStep/GNU/Linux system. Windowmaker + GNUMail + ProjectCenter + Gorm + TextEdit + GWorkspace + Pan + TalkSoup + AddressManager + Cynthium + Terminal. It's not my usual set of utilities, but I'm finding it to be very very good. I'm comfortable with it already, and I think it just might work for me.

In addition, I am already sitting comfortably on the apt system of debian. I had a working system that I liked and was relatively stable in less than 30 minutes. I don't know about you, but that's fast. I was amazed how quickly I got it all installed and ready. GNUstep works flawlessly with Debian.