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My Head Hurts

Ugh! I have been messing all day with learning how to use the Win32 API! Oh, how infuriating. I really dislike GUIS, and especially GUI's which I don't understand! Things just can't be simple, can they? :( At least, now I have figured it out, mostly, and I can get something made of it. But I am just missing a few small pieces, and then I'll be all set.

On the plus side, I now know how to use the OpenWatcom Dialog Editor together with the Win32 API to build my entire GUI from top to bottom. That is pretty nice, and once I learn a bit more, I think I'll have to use it more often. I have, up until now been doing mostly commandline utilities for the sake of simplicity. But I'll have to add some GUI apps in to the repertoire.