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I actually cooked

Yes, as amazing as that might seem, I actually A) Cleaned a kitched, B) Cooked breakfast in a clean kitched, C) Cleaned again! Wow, that's a long streak of amazing things for me. :)

I tend to clean things, but in a very different way, and so it goes in spurts. Today is one of those spurts. I woke up late, try as I might to wake up early (I'm thinking that there must be something wrong with me: it takes me forever to get to bed, and then forever to wake up again.)

Well, I cooked bacon which I had sliced up and then fried on a gas stove (which, for those who don't know, is my preferred stove now), and I had four poached eggs, which all came out perfectly, unbroken and just right, and then I had banana nut bread made by someone else. :) Granted, that's not a great deal of cooking, but for those who know me, that is a truly vast amount of cooking for me. :) I must say that I did enjoy it a great deal. The bacon turned out just as I had hoped it would.

I also had my new favorite tea to go with it: Stash's White and Green fusion tea. Pure, simple, clean, smooth, and great. Of course, filtered water and almost boiling temperature helps a bunch, but this is really some great tea, little after taste, smooth finish, and yet it has enough flavor to really put it up there. I might just end up having this tea as my permanent favorite. ;)