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Co-dfns 2016.11.1


Welcome to the November release of Co-dfns! This release focuses mostly on improving the Caching API for non-APL interfaces as well as expanding the feature coverage of the compiler and also includes numerous fixes.

What's New

  • Fixed a bug in the return code of functions which may return errors
  • Added a new set of allocators for the Caching API designed for non-Dyalog FFI interfaces
  • Fixed a bug in handling multiple top-level definitions that are referenced in the same function
  • Fixed an issue with ! over Booleans/[Integer/Floats] with some compilers
  • Fixed an issue with replicate/filter with Boolean left arguments
  • Fixed some bugs with Boolean values on Scan (\)
  • Fixed some issues with non-associative operands for Scan (\)
  • Fixed Outer Product (∘.) over Boolean values
  • Added support for () over Boolean values

Support Co-dfns Research and Development through Open Work

If you would like to support Co-dfns and its future, please consider a small supporting subscription through Gratipay. It greatly helps keep Co-dfns open and research friendly, as well as making it possible to keep the development process open. If enough funds come in through this avenue, it will enable additional resources to make the Co-dfns development cycle that much more effective.