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Building GUI Applications in Scheme (Part 1)

This is the first of a multi-part series on how to integrate Scheme (a high-level language) with a GUI Builder (BX Pro 6.2, Motif) to build sophisticated or at least, effective GUIs quickly, without having to have some meta-language of GUIs. This is an alternative approach to writing GUIs by hand using Scheme bindings to, say, Motif, or WxWidgets. This allows you to leverage the efficiency of the best GUI builders without costing you in terms of programming efficiency when writing the logic code.

Note: Please watch the webm version if you can, because the images are much sharper and clearer. Any HTML5 Video capable browser should be able to see it with the appropriate codecs, and you can always download it and watch it through an appropriate viewer that way.

YouTube (Seg 1, Seg 2) | Download (WebM)