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And update

Well, I thought it was only appropriate that I post up something today. I have not been very good about keeping up with my Russian, mainly because I have been going all over the place in airplanes and trying to get things planned. I am almost caught up, though, so I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be back on track and ready to post some more of my russian homework up.

Not a very good example to all those in SLI aiming to watch my example, now is it? :p

At any rate, we are making thanksgiving preparations over here, and watching the family politic is always interesting. Have you ever noticed how much there is in a family that is unique? It is as though there is this unique language that you see when you go into another person's family that is so distinctly different than your own family's. Right now I would say this is without a doubt the strangest Thanksgiving yet, and I doubt it will grow any more normal.

I have not been able to make any progress on my stories, thus far, and that really has bothered me; alright, not that much, but it is something that is on my mind. Right now I am listening to some great music, so that is good. I hope to go and visit some of my cousins pretty soon.

And on the technical side, did you realize that Windows XP will not let you create an FAT32 partition greater than 32768MB? That is just utterly ridiculous. The reason that I am using FAT32 for the file system on my external drive is that I like to be able to us it on UNIX as well as Windows, and the NTFS writing on such Operating Systems as Linux and the BSD's are not as good as they could. I wish Windows XP would just start to accept more filesystems than just their own. It's rather ridiculous. Why not support as many filesystems as you can? Sheesh.

In more news, I was reading Esther, and found some rather interesting things to think about. Not sure what to make of them all yet, but I always find that reading about the exploits of women in the Bible are so...enlighting. There are so many things I don't understand about the culture and history of the Jews yet, that I can't quite get the accurate picture of how the dynamic of active women affects the whole picture. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand how things were different back then, compared to now; especially with regards to the way men and woman treated each other.

I hope everyone is doing well today. I'm going to go ahead and stop typing now, and I hope to hear some news from all of you soon!