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A little bit of Black vs. Blue Fountain Pen philosophy

A little bit of Black vs. Blue Fountain Pen philosophy
Photo by FLY:D / Unsplash

I've been doing some permanent ink tests of various types of inks, and without a doubt, the black, pigmented inks are coming out decidedly on top. I've been using Platinum Carbon ink for a while because it is one of the best, most durable, enduring inks you can get. It's one of the purest blacks.

But I cannot help but notice my emotional state when working with black inks too long. I just couldn't shake the thought of that unique impact of Platinum Blue Black, so unlike anything else I've tried (including many other iron galls). I worried and I fretted, and I finally caved.

Yes, when I get into a mood that makes me want to write into the next millennium or two, I'll reach for Carbon Black without hesitation. Right now, I want the emotional salve that is Platinum's Blue Black ink.

I put this ink back into my pens and started writing and felt an immediate sigh of relief right through my spine. Yes, my writing will disappear if I leave it in the sun too long. Yes, it needs care to preserve it for the next 1000 years. Sometimes, I just want to revel in the now. Platinum Blue Black doesn't sit on the page, it lives on it and breathes life and serenity and clarity and creative calm onto the page with each neat and sober and color shifting line.

Carbon Black descends into the page like the void, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Blue black dances over the page with a soul that endures and reaches both into the future and the past, but only so far, and only so much, giving more to the writer and readers of today, and less to those distance descendants of the future. And right now, that's just what I want.