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Wow, I'm not alone (Trypophobia)

Who would have thought it. I saw this image on a page: http://cdn.taboolasyndication.com/libtrc/static/thumbnails/88f0d23bce4e26aedede454e24c50a6f.jpg and it triggers such a specific "willies" reaction that it affects most of my skin, as well as causing shuddering (imagine all of the hair on your body standing on end and itching). This happens with a number of things which follow this pattern. I've not understood what exactly this pattern was, except that I thought of it in terms of repeated, irregular "objects."

However, this particular image was so disturbingly "wrong" to me that I continued to hunt it down to figure out what it actually was. When I finally identified it, I was kindly pointed towards something known as "trypophobia." Apparently, this is an Internet Phobia that many people claim to have. Hah! And I thought I was the only one who found this particular pattern of things disturbing! At least, I'm the only one I've ever met who actively noticed the pattern os disturbance.

I am fascinated that someone actually came up with a name for it. It's funny that one of the pages that talks about it also brings up OCD.