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Plane Ride

I thought I would take this moment to talk about a neat little plane ride I had. It was actually two flights, since there was a connection.

So the first flight I noticed that I had come in rather late and was the priveleged recipient of the middle seat. :) Isn't that great? Well, it usually isn't that bad, but I really like to spread out, and usually that disturbs those on each side of me. I was really hoping that I would not be getting any overweight people sitting next to me and squashing me in.

Well, God saw fit to give me a bit of a break this round. ;) Instead of two hogs of unattractive, smelly, or rude people, lo, and behold, two younger, attractive, nice smelling, and small (this is important, as that's the key in comfort with these planes) ladies show up. Alright, it could be a stretch to call them both "ladies" in a strict use of the term, but at least they were female and relatively nice.

I figured that was good enough for me, since that meant that I could sit there and do my thing without having to worry about them encroaching into my space, and since they did not take up that much room. Times were extra nice however, because I found that the one girl, despite being a New Yorker (the yankees hat, and general persona gave that away), was more interested in her book and minding her own business than worrying too much about how annoying I would be; the other girl was actually, get this, something of a NERD!

Yeah, this was a fun trip, on one hand there is a girl who isn't going to bother me, and on the other, there is a girl with a "magic squares" book in her hand. I made a slight comment about it, and she became quite personal about it. A few more commens and she just out and out gave the book to me, along with her pen, and asked me to try a few. :confused: Not being one to disappoint, I go about working on it. Unfortunately, I quickly show my incompetency as I stare blanky at the numerous and intimidating squares on the page. She goes on to point out some of the obvious and I start to catch on. We end up spending a good portion of that short flight solving the whole thing! :p Very fun.

I find out that she's a contracts lawyer for a pretty big company, fresh out of an internship, which is really interesting. She is actually somewhat nice, personable, and made the flight a very nice one.

So, needless to say, I enjoyed that flight. Whenever you end up with someone in a plane that is actually a somewhat nice person and can hold a conversation with someone like myself, it's great.

Now, the second flight was really strange, because I usually never see people on these flights who are under the age of 25. But this time around the plane was quite literally full, every seat beign taken, and a good portion of those seats being filled with what looked like young high school or college level people. That was rather interesting.

I sat next to another girl who reminded me distinctly of people in one of my old high schools, and I couldn't help but staring just a bit as I tried to figure out where she was different.

She was pretty introverted, but you know, I feel terrible as I was sitting there and peaking my eye over, eavesdropping on all of her lists and notes that she took. I learned a good deal of things from them. She was involved in politics, proably a highschooler, maybe a senior or such, was fairly organized, and I guessed that she was up in this area for something of a political lobbying or debate oriented session. *evil chuckle*

That brings me to my next point, ladies and gentlemen, always always always watch what you say and do, because you have no idea how much information a person can gain from the littlest things. I give a good deal of information out on my blog, but that is dangerous. For example, without her realizing it, I bet, I have name of the first girl I met on that airplane. This is something I see a lot of people doing when they don't think about it. They start talking about something, and then they let a little piece of information slip out of them. Who would have guessed that I could get her name from her without her telling me directly?

Okay, so there is your little "stalker" scare for the day, the lesson, be careful.