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DocBook Sigplan Stylesheets

I am happy to announce that the DocBook Sigplan stylesheets are nearly feature complete and ready for use by a wider audience.

DocBook-Sigplan Repository on GitHub

Many conferences utilize the ACM SigPlan Proceedings style of article, but unfortunately, those who wish to author articles in a semantic, well structured manner have had almost no options. The default and de facto standard format comes from a LaTeX class file, which defines through implementation the specific style desired. An additional Word document exists which allows one to utilize Word for writing these articles, but this seems more a step backwards than forwards.

DocBook-Sigplan attempts to alleviate this need by delivering an open source, compatible stylesheet for processing DocBook v5 documents into SigPlan style through FOP using FO-XSL. Users of this style sheet have access to the full range of DocBook's benefits, including rigorous semantic markup and clearer solutions for common article writing needs, without as much copy and paste involved in the authoring of specific elements of your article. It uses a completely open-source stack for this, and also allows better automatic processing and output formats than LaTeX.

Information on writing and using DocBook can be found at the DocBook website.

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